revival america banner.PNGWhen Jesus saved me at age 22, my entire world was so rocked by the Lord that I was immediately delivered from alcohol and drug addiction.  There were so many things going wrong in my life that I even thought of suicide many times. But when Jesus came in, my life changed.  For the first time in my life, I knew what true spiritual victory and freedom felt like.

Ever since we surrendered to the call to preach this wonderful gospel of liberty in Christ, we have carried upon our hearts many burdens from the Lord.  The most enduring burden that I have carried from the Lord is the burden for revival in my country.  Every citizen who truly loves their country hurts when they see it falling from its greatness!

While I am by no means attempting to bring a negativity to the issues facing America, I do realize that we cannot, we must not, ignore the truth that God is revealing to all of us!

I bear my soul on this subject regarding our country.  I cannot speak for any other country, but America is sick.  She is in desperate need of God.  The articles published on this page entitled “Revival America” is a product of things the Lord has revealed to us in the word of God and through prayer.

It is past time for some Straight Talk!  God’s people must give themselves to prayer.  When we do, God will answer prayer.  Pray for us as we share our hearts with you concerning Revival America.

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Love In Christ,

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