Let’s bind together and pray

The Power of Prayer cannot be underestimated.  Prayer is one of the most powerful forces in the world.  Our Ministry believes that God desires more to answer prayer than we are to pray.  Jesus taught us that men should pray everywhere and faint not!

It has been suggested that we provide a prayer request page to our website so that you may submit your prayer requests to us.  We do not take prayer requests lightly.  If you take out enough time to submit your requests unto us, we believe that they are genuine concerns and will treat them as such.  We will take your prayer requests and call on our prayer warriors to bring these petitions before God and trust God to move on their behalf.

Prayer Request Instructions

You may submit your prayer requests by completing the form below.  If you would like for your request to remain private and unpublished, simply preface the request with the words “PRIVATE REQUEST.”  If you wish to make public your request, but you name remain anonymous, simple state in the request for your identity to remain anonymous.  Otherwise, we will publish the request(s) for everyone to help pray.

If you would like to join in praying for the submitted prayer requests, we believe in praying effectively.  Click on the link below to find out how we can posture ourselves to pray effectively.