Ignoring the Warning Signs


America: Ignoring the Warning Signs

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Revival America Article Ignoring the warning signs

Ignoring the Warning Signs

American history books are filled with quotes and acts of patriotism from our founding fathers and we read them with such admiration that it places that same heart of the American revolution inside us even today!  However today, most modern day Patrick Henry’s and the like, are viewed as irrational, out of touch and even unconstitutional, when in reality it is the majority of the occupied seats in our government are filled with non-patriotic and unconstitutional men and women.

As other nations in our world are either opening or keeping their doors open to the hearing and receiving of the gospel of Jesus Christ, America is steadily closing that door.  Some private groups promoting satanism, Islam, and other false worship are having their voices heard while foundational Christian church groups are being ignored and even persecuted at some level or another.  We are living in a time where our nation is continually removing its foundational landmarks and blatantly ignoring the warning signs that are being proclaimed.

Christians are viewed today as stumbling blocks to greater liberty, hindrances to national progress, and walls to new explorations of expression.  Whether these comments are received or rejected, the reality of it all is simply this; the people of God are watchmen sitting upon the walls steadily sounding the trumpet that trouble is coming upon the land of a blind nation.  The greatest tragedy is; very few are actually listening.

Our nation has enjoyed more freedom and liberty than any other nation under Heaven, bar none!  The reason for our freedom is simply that our forefathers chose, not just to include any religion in our foundational documents, but Almighty God of the Holy Bible!  You and I are still reaping bountifully today the fruits from the true vine that was planted in 1776.  But in 2016, our nation now is cutting the vine at the root and we are already starting to see the barrenness from it!

The same groups in America who are enjoying this God-given freedom that exists nowhere else in the world, are using that same freedom to openly speak against God.  They have that right and freedom, but where is the freedom and right to those who proclaim the truth that we are One Nation Under God?  There’s one thing for certain, the people responsible for turning our country against God will not enjoy the outcome their own policies will produce.  As a matter of fact, national destruction is the obvious destination for the road we are now speeding down.

Did you know that Israel saw full well the reality of what life is like without God in it?  As we see in Numbers 21 that Israel spoke its own doom when it spake against God!  Many want to view this scripture as a mad tyrant in Heaven who wanted to hurt the people for disrespecting Him, but the truth is God was holding back those fiery serpents and protecting Israel.  But when the people forsook God, they found themselves forsaking their own protection.  Israel made a grave mistake that day and immediately realized the error and sought to be restored.  Will America be as wise?  God allowed them to make the choice as He does today, but the choice will have grave consequences for us as well.

The Great Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami Tragedy

Consider this for a moment. The wonderful people of Japan are a people with such a rich heritage.  Their ancestry goes much further back in their homeland than America.  While the people of Japan have proven to be at the top among the smartest people in the world, they failed to take heed to the warning signs their forefathers placed for them.
As a news report declared days following the Tsunami that struck Japan, “Tsunami Stones” are common sites along the coast lines in Japan.  These stones gave direct warnings to following generations which read “High dwellings are the peace and harmony of our descendants.  “Remember the calamity of the great tsunamis.  Do not build any homes below this point.”  Many people of Japan took heed to the warnings while an overwhelming majority did not.  It proved to be great devastation to those who ignored the warning signs.  Almost 1600 people were confirmed dead while 2500 more were still reported as missing.  What a tragedy!

While no one could have been able to hold back the waves that were generated from the earthquake, the warning signs were erected in plain view in hopes that all who read them would obey.  If you consider how many of these Tsunami stones were erected, the time and effort it demanded of the ancestors of Japan spoke volumes to the concern they had for their people.  Only, many suffered and died while ignoring the warning signs!

America’s Warning Signs

Like the Tsunami stones’ warnings were written in stone, America has warning signs as well.  However, not only have we ignored the warnings signs, we are now removing them from our conscience and memory.  The Ten Commandments monuments speak warnings to us.  The commandments stones do not tell what destruction will come to those who don’t take heed, only “Thou Shalt Not.”  The word of God reveals to us the consequences of a nation forsaking God.

Removing the Ten Commandments from our public buildings may not seem like much to the masses, but it sends a clear message that public officials have little to no reverence for the ways of God.  America is basically tearing down its own spiritual walls that have protected us for so long.  We are pushing God away, a peoples only source of freedom and protection.  In pushing God away, we, like Israel, will have to deal with the spiritual serpents that enter our land and many will suffer because of it. Even those who welcomed the fiery serpents, will be consumed of the same.

Walking in God’s ways, promoting God’s ways, and legislating God’s ways have proved beyond any shadow of doubt to be the foundation of all of America’s blessings!  Unlike Japan’s Tsunamis, the destruction I’m talking about is spiritual!  My spirit hurts for America as I write these words!  I am reminded of the word of the prophet Jeremiah when he took up the great lamentation after the destruction and captivity of Israel:

How doth a city sit solitary, that was full of people!  How is she become as a widow!  She that was great among the nations, and princess among the provinces, how is she become a tributary!  Lamentations 1:1