Have We Forgot What Made America Great? – Remembering September 11th

What Made America Great

America woke up on September 11th, 2001 the same as everyday before, but the sun would set that night a totally different nation. For the first time in modern American history, we were attacked on our own soil on a level never before seen.  Not only America, but the world stood in awe as the World Trade Center Towers collapsed into a heap of rubble.

The citizens of our country retired the day with the following questions:

  • Why America?
  • Who would hate us so much that they would plot such a horrible attack?
  • What events brought the world to this point?


The answers to these questions are not as trivial as some would think. However, they do require some insight.  Most of the millennials will scratch their heads even at the reading of this article.

Years later, we remember this day so vividly that the events are as candid as the JFK assassination. Everyone remembers where they were, where they were travelling, and who they were with when they heard the news.  The events are forever branded in our memory.  Although we will never forget the tragedy of thousands who died in the events, from the people occupied in the twin towers to the emergency responders, the passengers on every plane, all the way to even the faces of the radical Islamic terrorists, very few understand that, as a nation, we have forgotten something very vital in our nation.

Why America?

How can one of the youngest countries in the entire world rise to world influence so quickly? The balance of the world sees the greatness of America, but does not understand what has made America great.  What has brought the American brand to the forefront of world view?  It is nothing other than God Himself!  The blessing which has been on our great country is a testimony to the world that God is in the midst of her!  Along with that blessing has been protection.  God has protected America as a mother hen protects her chick.  This is the promise Jesus made to all who would follow Him.

Because America was founded on the premise that it would include God in its founding documents and build its country based upon the laws and teachings of the Holy Bible, God has exalted America above all others. She has become the envy and therefore the enemy of the world.  God shows the world daily what every other country could look like if it would just accept Jesus Christ as Saviour.  The world is in a battle of “ideology.”

Who would hate America so much?

Although America has forgotten what has made our country great, the rest of the world has not! We are called the “Great Satan” to the Muslim world.  Islam wants to remove Jesus Christ from America and replace Him with Muhammad and Allah.  This would only topple America to the dark ages and bring us down to a “third world” player as other Muslim nations are.  France and the United Kingdom should be examples unto us to warn us of what this cancerous Islamic ideology will do to decompose the fabric of any nation.

The haters are the nations who see America as a threat to their globalist agenda. If the world can tear down what has made America great, then it can tear down America.  Was September 11th 2001 evidence that God’s protective hand has already been removed from our country?  Maybe.  But this event could also have been a sign that we have forsaken God our own protection and the spiritual walls have been compromised and thus the enemy had seen an opportunity to get in.

America has maintained order in the world since WW1. The presence of America is a threat to globalism.  The election of President Trump is a slap in the face to globalism.  This is the single greatest reason why the President is hated so much.  He represents the populous of America.  He represents what has made our country great.  Those who despise our president despise the 63 million Americans who voted for him.

What events brought the world to this point?

In short, the world has an agenda that is totally contrary to the word of God. Currently America holds to the agenda of freedom.  America is the greatest resistance that stands in the way of a world agenda of globalism.  Most of the common everyday people may not understand, but world players of influence know that in order to remove America as the resistance to this agenda, they must remove what makes America great.

In Numbers 22:1-35, we read an extraordinary account of a man named Balak who so desired to defeat, at the time, the most powerful nation of the world; Israel. Israel had committed themselves to God and had been victorious over every enemy they faced.  God alone had made Israel great!  Balak was taught by the prophet Balaam how to bring Israel down by turning them away from the God who was protecting them.  This is exactly what has taken place in America.  Sadly, the preachers of our nation are accomplishing it through a false grace doctrine saying it does not matter what you do, you are under grace.

America is gradually being pulled away from the gospel of Jesus Christ. Sadly America is in a civil war of ideology.  Why would we remove our historical monuments?  When we remove our history, we are removing the existence of what made America great.  Jesus has made America great.  When America removes Jesus, America will cease to be great!  It’s that simple.

America’s Return

There has never been a greater need for revival in America. The churches of America have dropped the ball.  The only thing that will bring healing to our nation is to return to God.  As I have said numerous times before, the healing of a nation does not depend on every lost man or woman to be saved, but for Christians, the people of God, to return to God.  The condition of our great country is a testimony that God’s people are backslidden.

The future of America is resting on the shoulders of God’s people. The fall of America is directly tied to the fall of the American church.  When the church in America returns to the Lord, then America will become great again.

President Donald Trump ran his presidential campaign on the slogan “Make America Great Again.” He is doing all that he can to Make America Great Again.  The language he has used continually “God Bless America” and his references to prayer reveals to us that he understands what will make America great.  Although most will criticize this statement, I will say it anyway.  God is using President Donald Trump to call on God’s people to pray.  Our president has given us a voice once again.  He is calling upon the Christian people of our country to return.  In order to truly “Make America Great Again,” America must return to God.  We can!  We must pray!  The church in America must return to seeking God. God will protect the USA if we will stand with Jesus Christ.

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