Great and Mighty Things – Daily Devotion for June 3rd

Great and Mighty Things

Daily Devotional for June 3rd

Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.  Jeremiah 33:3

Oftentimes our perception of God determines what we believe God is willing to do in our lives or in the world for others.  If you view God as an isolated Being who does not care about a hurting world, then you will find yourself holding back from asking God to intervene in a situation.  Do you realize that God’s people today, for the most part, do not believe God is willing to move mightily in the world?  This perception is due to several reasons.

Jeremiah learned an amazing thing about the Lord in this scripture; he learned that if he would simply call out to the Lord then God would answer.  But He would not just answer; He would show unto Jeremiah great and mighty things that Jeremiah did not know.  Although we should not despise the days of small things, we should ask God to do great and mighty things in this world!

Do you realize the willingness God has to move in this world and perform miracles in your life?  If you believe God’s love for the world is limited, then you will not ask and believe God to touch people’s lives.  If you believe God is not concerned about the salvation of the world, then you may doubt whether He wants to use you mightily to touch the world for Christ.    The truth is God needs you to believe on Him for great and mighty things.  His desire is to touch this world through you so mightily that no one would ever dare to doubt there is a God in Heaven who loves them.

Some people, when seeing the condition of the world, are tempted to believe the devil has more power than God, but that is a foolish perception.  It is time for the church to rise up and believe God for great and mighty things!  We cannot afford to walk another day in unbelief.  The salvation of the world depends on you and me coming to a place of faith believing God to work mightily in our lives.  Will you arise and be a soldier today and dare to believe God?  Will you be bold enough to stand and ask God to perform Great and Mighty things in your life?

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