Whom My Soul Loveth – Daily Devotion for May 27th

Whom My Soul Loveth

Daily Devotional for May 27th

By night on my bed I sought him whom my soul loveth: I sought him, but I found him not. I will rise now, and go about the city in the streets, and in the broad ways I will seek him whom my soul loveth:  Song of Solomon 3:1-2

There is not one romance novel written that can compare to the love written in the pages of scripture.  When we think of love, we think of an affection in the heart toward someone; but it always has limits.  Those limits are usually selfish at root.  As long as a person is showing the needed attention toward you, your love tends to remain strong.  But once that attention is gone, the love seems to decrease.

God’s love is the greatest power on the earth.  God’s love for you created a plan for Jesus to suffer violently upon Golgotha’s Cross.  Even though Satan had divided God and man by sin, the Cross stands as a bridge to span that great divide.  Since then, God continues to reaffirm His love each day by showing His mercy and grace.

Love for God cannot be fully expressed with words.  The greatest expression of a person’s love for God is to walk through their life as a servant to God.  To pledge allegiance to Jesus and seek to be faithful to Him.  God’s love requires nothing in return.  God loved long before anyone loved Him back!  The love of God will love regardless of the treatment received.  This is the purity of the love God has for you.

As written in the Song of Solomon, I have found the one whom my soul loveth.  While we realize the Shunammite woman was his object of affection, it was a love that went down deep into the soul.  The soul is the deepest part of man!  When Jesus reveals Himself unto you, the soul responds.  The realness is so much greater than the mind can understand.  His presence cannot be put into words. 

To all who have experienced the love of God, the soul knows and responds.  Is your love for God spoken from down deep in your soul or is it just lip service?  Did you realize your life’s devotion to Jesus is the greatest expression of love for Him?  What about you, friend?  Does your life reveal your love for Him, or do you chase after things of this world?  Where your treasure is, your heart is.  If you love the Lord greater than anything, then your life will prove it.  If you love something else more than the Lord, your life will evidence that as well.

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