Never Too Late For Jesus – Daily Devotion for May 14th

Never Too Late For Jesus

Daily Devotional for May 14th

Then Martha, as soon as she heard that Jesus was coming, went and met him: but Mary sat still in the house. Then said Martha unto Jesus, Lord, if thou hadst been here, my brother had not died.  John 11:20-21

It’s very encouraging to know God is not like unto us.  We are so confined to time.  We look at situations that arise in our lives and survey the circumstances.  Our hopes rise and fall based upon the condition of those circumstances.  If something devastating happens, our entire hope and faith for a positive outcome is completely destroyed.  But with Jesus, it’s never too late.  Neither is it too hard.

Mary and Martha were perplexed about their brother Lazarus’ sickness.  They sent for Jesus four days prior while there seemed to be hope.  But after Lazarus was placed in the tomb, all expectation of seeing their brother alive again was diminished.  Are you facing sickness, disease, addictions, oppressions?  Are you in the category of people who are victims of divorce or division in families and have looked and seen no possibility of reconciliation?  There is no hope with the exception of one thing; Jesus!!! 

Once Mary and Martha got Jesus on the scene, they stepped back and watched Him take over!  He will always take over any situation you surrender to Him!  He called out “Lazarus Come Forth!”  There was no denying the command of the Master!  Devils had to obey Jesus’ voice!  Fevers had to leave when Jesus rebuked them!  The winds and the seas obeyed Jesus’ voice!  And now, death had to surrender to the command of the King of kings! 

Do you realize no condition will ever be so far gone or too hard for Jesus to turn things around?  Once He is allowed into a situation, its natural course of the situation must and will turn into a miracle of victory!  Jesus always turns the tides of this world!  Sickness must surrender to Jesus!  Disease must surrender to Jesus!  Death must surrender to Jesus!  Divorce must surrender to Jesus!  Do you have a situation that is hopeless?  Why don’t you call on Jesus and ask Him to come?  Trust Him to take the situation and turn it around.  You cannot, but Jesus can AND WILL IF YOU WILL JUST BELIEVE!

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