When Your Ship Comes In – Daily Devotion for May 5th

When Your Ship Comes in

Daily Devotional for May 5th

And they came over unto the other side of the sea, into the country of the Gadarenes. And when he Jesus was come out of the ship, immediately there met him out of the tombs a man with an unclean spirit,  Mark 5:1-2

It has been said so many times that when our ship comes in, life will be better.  This could not have been truer for the demon possessed man from Gadara.  While it’s not about the ship itself, but what the ship delivers.  In this case the ship brought Jesus.  What a wonderful sight it must have been.  Do you realize Jesus not only knows how to deliver; He also knows when to come?  He will sail to you exactly when you need Him.

When we’ve been saved for a while, we tend to forget how deep we were in sin.  We forget the reality of the bondage Satan had us under.  Because of this, many people believe their life was not as bad as they had first thought.  Therefore, they wind up returning to a life of sin.  Did you know that when you turn your back on God after salvation, your journey into sin will go far deeper than it ever was before?  It is because, once you have been delivered from Satan’s bondages, the devil will make sure you are enslaved greater than you were before. 

Jesus made a voyage across the sea for one person; the maniac of Gadara.  This maniac was so tormented by the devil he could not be tamed by any man.  His mind was so tortured there was no reasoning with him.  Did you know you can become so controlled by the devil that common sense leaves?  This man had drifted from God so far into the darkness that Satan had taken complete control.  This is what a life is like without God in it.

But his ship finally came in!  Praise God!  Jesus knows exactly when to come to your aid.  As soon as Jesus stepped off the ship, the man approached him.  The remains of the man’s mind called out to Jesus while the spirits who afflicted him were resisting.  Our coming to Jesus for anything, whether before we’re saved or after, will always be fought by Satan.  He does not want to surrender any territory in your life.  Satan cannot, however, overcome Jesus!  Whatever ails you, your ship has come in, friend.  Jesus is now a present help for you!  Are demons tormenting you?  If so, call on Jesus!  He will deliver!

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