Losing Ourselves in Jesus – Daily Devotion for April 22nd

Losing Ourselves in Jesus

Daily Devotional for April 22nd

For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it.  Matthew 16:25

This life can be so deceiving.  You’ve heard it said one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.  The things our eyes can’t see are more real than what we can see.  The things the world counts as important will not make a splash in the ocean of eternity.  Conversely, what the world counts as garbage is priceless treasure to God’s people.  It’s actually a matter of perception.

There’s another irony in the world relating to our lives as God’s people.  When we view Jesus’ instruction for us to take up our cross, we tend to only view the death of ourselves and it is not a welcome thing.  We only see what we are going to lose and never what we look to gain from it.  Jesus tells us here that if we will lose our life for His sake we shall find it.  This is encouraging because when we seek God’s will, He will show it to us.

This truth can be illustrated in this way.  A person is hanging from a cliff and is holding on for dear life by their own strength.  With utter death just below them, they hold on and attempt by any means necessary to keep from plunging to their death.  But the difference in that example and the instruction of Jesus here is this; instead of the person falling to their death below, they fall into life; they fall into Jesus’ arms.

Unfortunately we cannot see past the sacrifice.  We love ourselves and our own life so much that it is the most valuable thing to us.  The secret of living for God is to lay our own life down for Jesus.  This is our greatest battle; putting to death our own life.  But if we will lose ourselves for Jesus’ sake, we shall find a greater life than we ever hoped to hold on to.  Those who have chosen to turn loose of their own selves for Jesus have discovered a life far greater and far beyond the dull one the world holds so dear.  Turn loose of your life and see if Jesus’ purpose for you is not far greater.

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