Overcoming Sailor’s Superstitions – Daily Devotion for April 9th


Overcoming Sailor’s Superstitions

Daily Devotion for April 9th

And in the fourth watch of the night Jesus went unto them, walking on the sea.  And when the disciples saw him walking on the sea, they were troubled, saying, It is a spirit; and they cried out for fear.   But straightway Jesus spake unto them, saying, Be of good cheer; it is I; be not afraid.  Matthew 14:25-27

It’s truly amazing the things we pick up from this world.  Our minds are full of the knowledge of the world.  Living in this world has caused us all to become molded into the way the rest of the world lives and thinks.  In this walk with Christ, we should, not only walk differently, we should even think differently.  Although most of us would not claim to be superstitious, we tend to get nervous or troubled when certain things happen or appear to us.  Omens, apparitions and different signs are all things the world tends to believe that causes people to believe about a certain outcome of a situation.  The truth is these are all objects of foolishness satan will use to try and tear down your faith in Christ.

The disciples who were fishermen that had spent much of their lives at sea had many superstitions about sailing.  As we see from this scripture, they thought, when Jesus came walking on the sea, that they had seen an apparition; a spirit.  They immediately cried out for fear and for good reason.  One of the most famous sailor’s superstitions that still exists today was that if sailors had seen an apparition at sea, it meant that they would suffer shipwreck. 

Walking under a ladder, a black cat running across the road, Friday the 13th; all of these things are examples of the enemy attempting to remove your faith in God and that events in your life have no hope for change or reversal.  Friend, you are not under satan’s authority any longer.  You do not have to swallow his lies.  As a matter of fact, if you will allow Jesus to, He will destroy any and all foolish superstitions in your life. 

Jesus appeared to the disciples in such a way as to remove these foolish beliefs from them.  He will do the same in your life and mine.  Are there certain omens or signs that still trouble you?  Jesus has desire to remove them.  There is no wives’ tale or fable that can stand in His presence.  He will calm everything that troubles you teaching you that the devil’s foolish imaginations are all lies. 

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