Every Chain Broken – Daily Devotion for March 31st


Every Chain Broken

Daily Devotional for March 31st

He that committeth sin is of the devil; for the devil sinneth from the beginning.  For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil. 1 John 3:8

Satan is crafty.  Even though his power is real, it is limited.  And though you and I cannot break his chains, this doesn’t mean they cannot be broken.    The way Satan keeps us bound is through one little lie; and that is, he convinces us that God will not or cannot break the chains.  Has he told you that God has and will do it for others, but will not do it for you?  These are the kinds of lies that keep us captive.  Therefore, we never ask the Lord with a real faith. 

When Jesus came to die on the cross, He had one thing in mind; to set you free completely.  But just because Jesus came to destroy the devil’s works does not mean that they are automatically destroyed in your life.  Jesus has made the way for us to be freed and victorious over every single thing the devil can do.  The way it comes to each individual is when we call out to Jesus by faith asking Him to deliver.  Once we ask and believe, Jesus will break the chain that holds you. 

The reason is very clear; it was for this very reason He came.  This verse clearly reveals to us that Jesus came to destroy the devil’s works.  This means that wherever Satan’s effects have reached, Jesus will reach to deliver. This means that if the devil is the cause of anything in your life, Jesus will deliver you if you will ask and believe.   

People suffer in this world from things they don’t have to suffer.  Have you lived for years with things that you’ve never broken free of?  Don’t look at your circumstances and question God’s willingness to rescue.  People that don’t believe God will not rescue them from their bondage simply do not understand why Jesus came in the first place.  He came to totally redeem you.  He came to break every chain.  Don’t doubt or underestimate the power of God.  Take today and survey your life.  Whatever the bondage, ask God to give you victory.  The power of God will come and make you free indeed!

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