More Than Conquerors – Daily Devotion for March 24th


More Than Conquerors

Daily Devotional for March 24th

Nay, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him that loved us. Romans 8:37

You should never look at your battles the same as you did before you were saved. Why?  Because now you are in the Kingdom of God.  You are on the side that never fails.  You are a citizen to a kingdom that cannot be moved, shaken, or even alarmed.  When you came to the Lord, He welcomed you in.  You now enjoy His provision, protection and power to deliver.

This verse reveals to us that we are conquerors through him; meaning through Christ. Jesus is our victory alone.  Although we have no victory apart from Jesus, there is great victory in Him.  This entire chapter speaks some great things about the victory you have in Jesus.  Although at times we do, we really should never be alarmed at the events that take place in our lives.  Why? There is no circumstance that takes place in your life, good or bad, where the Lord cannot work it for your good. 

But we aren’t just conquerors; we are more than conquerors!  This means that we are winners plus.  This means that we are never defeated.  Jesus has made it so easy to trust in Him.  Are you walking in victory today?  Are you conquering or are you being conquered? It all depends on who your trusting in.  We cannot trust in ourselves and expect victory.  When we trust Jesus, victory always comes!

In all these things? What things?  Tribulation, distress, persecution, all other things mentioned in the surrounding verses tell us.  God never promised to isolate you from these things, but He did promise victory over them all.  Are you facing any of these right now?  If so, remember that THROUGH HIM we are conquerors.  He will give you the wisdom, the power, the strength, the way of escape in these things. 

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