Frustration of Purpose – Daily Devotion for March 19th


Frustration of Purpose

Daily Devotional for March 19th

Then the people of the land weakened the hands of the people of Judah, and troubled them in building. And hire dcounsellors against them, to frustrate their purpose…  Ezra 4:4-5a

When Satan hinders, he attacks many different angles and methods. Distractions through sin or vanities of the world, discouragement through faults and failures; these and many others are part of his arsenal to keep you from fulfilling God’s purpose and pushing back the kingdom of darkness in your life. 

Frustration is a very unique tool of the enemy. What causes frustration?  When you exert time and energy on something only to find that nothing was accomplished.  When you take effort to build and your labor is wasted when someone tears down your progress.  When it seems as though your working but no evidence of success or accomplishment is being shown.  When you swat flies that buzz around your ears only to realize that you’ve not driven them away.  They continue buzzing no matter how hard you try to rid yourself of them.

The adversaries in the beginning attempted hinder Israel’s building by joining themselves to the work. Once Israel saw through their lies and refused to allow them to join the work, they sought a different angle. They attempted to frustrate their purpose.  Did you know that as long as we remain in the dark about the devil’s influence, then he will attack subtly.  But once Satan is exposed and we become aware of him, then he no longer hides his motivations. 

Counselors were hire to frustrate their purpose. These counselors were educated in how to manipulate.  The devil is sly and wants to knock down every brick you place on the wall so that you see no reason to continue on.  Paul even said that when we do good, evil is present.  He resist us at every opportunity. The world will make fun of your commitment to Christ.  The enemy will laugh at you for your prayer life.  He will seek to convince you that your labor for God is useless. All of these lies are engineered to stop the work God is doing in your life.  But we must sew in hope.  Take heart today friend, if the enemy is standing against you, then it is evidence that you are accomplishing things in the spirit although the evidence has not come to manifest itself yet. 

In the end, frustration causes weariness which results in fainting; giving up. Paul would go on to say let us not be weary in well doing for in due season we shall reap if we faint not. When the devil frustrates your purpose, he attacks your motivation to keep keeping on.  We must keep our eyes on Jesus and His word.  He will encourage you.  He will instruct you in how to build without becoming frustrated.  Spend some time with the Lord this morning and ask Him to counsel you.  He will remove discouragement and frustration. 

2 thoughts on “Frustration of Purpose – Daily Devotion for March 19th

  1. Thank you for this cup of living water. I so appreciate these truths as I strive to walk and mature in ways that honor the Lord. Thank you brethren.

    • Sister Lisa. The Lord dealt with me so strongly about this. I have been so wrestling a lot of things lately in my own life. The Lord allowed me to realize what satan was attempting to do to me. I’ve been so encouraged since the Lord gave me this truth! Thank you so much for your kindness.

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