The Death of His Saints – Daily Devotion for March 6th


The Death of His Saints

Daily Devotional for March 6th

Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints.  Psalm 116:15 

We grieve so much for our loved ones and those who have labored in the gospel when God calls them home.  Our attachment to them and the impact they had on our lives is the cause so much grief.  But just because they have left this old wicked world, it doesn’t mean they have been forgotten.  Many elderly people live out the remainder of their lives in someone else’s care or in nursing homes.  A lot of times they are forgotten about.  God does not forget any of them or the impact their life had.

The greatest majority of people live their lives to chase wealth but at the end of life, there is so much regret. Their life is of no consequence because it has no weight or profit in eternity. Satan’s distractions are at the forefront of wasted lives.  While the world chases their own lusts, you are chasing the heart of God.  You live your life to promote the Kingdom of God.  Since your lives are lived for eternal purposes, your legacy is eternal as well.

There is a reason why the death of God’s saints is precious. It may not be precious to all who are left here on earth, but to God it is very precious. God honors the lives of His children.  Your life will go down in the eternal hall of faith with the rest of God’s saints.  Don’t waste your life living selfishly or chasing Satan’s dangling carrots.  Starting today, spend your time asking God to show you His will for your life.  Once it is revealed, you’ll never be satisfied doing anything else.

Are you living your life to fulfill God’s purpose?  What will you leave behind?  At the end of your own journey, the Lord will call you home and it will be so precious in His sight.  Our ultimate goal is to stand before our King and show forth that the life we lived for Him was our desire.  God will reward you for your faithfulness to Him and your calling.  Truly the joy of serving God is great enough down here, but eternity with Jesus will be the greatest reward.

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