The Sorrows of Hell – Daily Devotion for February 11th


The Sorrows of Hell

Daily Devotional for February 11th

The sorrows of hell compassed me about: the snares of death prevented me. In my distress I called upon the Lord, and cried unto my God: he heard my voice out of his temple, and my cry came before him, even into his ears.  Psalm 18:5-6

Multitudes around the world suffer from what has been called depression. While some cases can be deemed as chemical imbalances or other physical conditions, an overwhelming majority of cases of sorrow or depression is from Hell itself.  Depression is an attack on the inner man, not the physical body. 

David found himself in a very terrible battle. The sorrows of hell compassed him about.  Every direction that David tried to flee, the sorrows had him trapped.  In this verse, the word sorrow is associated with a rope or a noose.  Sorrows have a way of tying you down.  They will wrap around you and bring you into a deep place of despair. 

People down through the years have attempted to dabble into the occults and have found themselves to become very suicidal. People who have had encounters with the devil have been driven to cases of insanity.  The presence of Satan breeds hopelessness.  Even Islam’s prophet Muhammad had testified of these times of severe depression and thoughts of suicide while being visited at the cave.  God’s presence does not bring utter despair like this, but Satan’s does.  Satan’s presence is total darkness and woe.  There is no hope at all; no light at all with him. 

Whether you call it sorrows, or depression, or discouragement, one thing is for certain, it is burped out of Hell! They are all forms of satanic oppression that try to influence you to seek any means necessary for relief; even if it means taking your own life.  You cannot fix a spiritual problem with medicine.  Jesus alone is the remedy for depression.

Suicide and depression are spiritual; and if spiritual, then they must be cured spiritually. When David cried to the Lord in this distress, God was wroth.  He was angry at what Satan had done to David.  Reading the remainder of this Psalm, we find the true remedy for suicide.  God came down in vengeance when David called to Him.  He will do the same for you friend.  Don’t think for a moment that a pill can fix your depression.  It is a spiritual attack.  Depression is a rope and satan is at the other end of it pulling you down.  Call out to Jesus today.  He will deliver as He did for David.  He will break the chains that bind you.

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