Surviving Life’s Shipwrecks – Daily Devotion for February 9th


Surviving Life’s Shipwrecks

Daily Devotional for February 9th

Thrice was I beaten with rods, once was I stoned, thrice I suffered shipwreck, a night and a day I have been in the deep; 2 Corinthians 11:25

Paul’s life is nothing less than amazing! It is also very encouraging.  Satan tried his best to destroy Paul, but to no avail.  Many skeptics claim that Satan did destroy Paul.  It wasn’t until Paul had finished his course until he was martyred in Rome.  2 Timothy 3:3. Clearly Paul’s life was in God’s hands for one reason; Paul placed it in God’s hands and kept it there.

God has not promised to prevent storms from entering your life, but He has promised to always be there; to go with you to the end. Paul’s shipwrecks here were of physical nature.  Ours are mostly of spiritual nature.  Howbeit, there are events that take place in our lives such as; health crises, family illnesses, deaths and other calamities that could be completely compared to Paul’s shipwrecks. 

Shipwrecks cause loss and leave us questioning why they were allowed into our life. Sometimes hardships come for the purpose of letting us evaluate the things we consider important.  A new car or house may be at the top of our list of priorities right now, but when the storms of life come and things don’t seem to go the way we planned, we swiftly start to realize that new cars and houses weren’t as important.  Shipwrecks cause us to focus on the real priorities.

Paul never said that God prevented shipwrecks. He actually admitted that he had suffered them; meaning, he had to endure through these difficult times. We must at times expect difficulties and even wreckage.  None of us are exempt.  Satan will try at times to force you to go back into the world during these trying times.  In these times, running toward Jesus makes much more sense than running away.  Paul survived shipwrecks three different times.  He lived to tell about them.  Why?  Because he found Jesus to be sufficient for everything he would ever face.  If you continue to hold on to Jesus, you’ll find Him the same.


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