Casting All Your Care – Daily Devotion for January 14th


Casting All Your Care

Daily Devotional for January 14th

Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.  1 Peter 5:7

This is one tough and heartless world we live in.  Spiritual hurts, scars, emotional wounds can pile up on us very quickly.  Most people do not care about things that bother you.  It’s sad that even some family members have shown their lack of concern about your problems. Satan does not care if you hurt either.  As a matter of fact, he isn’t happy until you are hurting.  He is the author of hurts.  In 1 Peter 5:8, we see that Satan is seeking whom He may devour. 

This verse 7 is so revealing if it is thoroughly studied.  The word casting means to throw something upon.  It means that we take it from ourselves, and place it upon someone else.  Do you cast your cares or do you continue to carry them yourself?  Have you found yourself talking to the Lord about the things that bother you, but failing to cast them on Him; failing to really turn them over to Him?  We are not designed to carry all of the cares and weights that we choose to carry.  There’s no wonder why people revert to drugs, alcohol and other forms of numbing, in order to escape the realities of their hurts and pains. 

The bible instructs us to cast All Your care.  Some have said to me before, Jesus didn’t really mean to bother Him with all the small things in our lives that we should be able to take care of on our own, did He?  Yes, He means everything; All your cares!  We should never allow the smallest concern to escape the Lord.  It’s a destructive mentality to believe that we can handle anything on our own.  The best way to decide whether something should be cast upon Jesus is with this simple truth; if it concerns you, then it concerns Jesus!

For He careth for you.  Does Jesus Care?  Yes, of course He cares and one trillion times over Jesus Cares!  Do not ever allow the devil to deceive you into thinking that Jesus is unconcerned about your problems.  Jesus wants to give you rest.  He said Come Unto Me…I will give you rest.  Will you come to Jesus today and cast all your care upon Him, regardless of what it is?  Jesus has total victory in mind for you!  It’s easy to walk when nothing weighs you down.  If you do not cast all your cares, then you could soon find yourself falling beneath the pressing weight of them.  Don’t wait!  Give them to Jesus today.

2 thoughts on “Casting All Your Care – Daily Devotion for January 14th

  1. Cast:
    1. throw (something) forcefully in a specified direction.

    Encouraging post. I took interest in “Cast”….it means so much more than just ‘put’ or ‘give’. Trying to plant this truth in my heart and “cast my cares” before they take hold within. Thanks.

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