When the Soul Longs For God – Daily Devotion for January 12th


When The Soul Longs For God

Daily Devotional for January 12th

As the hart panteth after the water brooks, so panteth my soul after thee, O God. My soul thirsteth for God, for the living God: when shall I come and appear before God?  Psalm 42:1-2

Every parent knows that an infant’s needs can be hard to discern. They cannot communicate their needs clearly with the mom or dad.  The mom is left to guess or discern the need until it is satisfied.  It is also evident that times in our lives as adults when we cannot be satisfied with nothing this world has to offer.  Millions of people go through there entire lives attempting to satisfy a deep seated longing within them.  But no matter what they attempt to fill the void with, the thirst still remains unquenched; the longing still unsatisfied.

To the redeemed, we have found the source of life! We have tasted the Lord Jesus whereby we never thirst for the world’s pleasures again.  Even to people who had previously been saved but have forsaken Him know that nothing else in the world satisfies like Jesus!  After the touch of Jesus, nothing else can satisfy.

David no doubt was hungering for another touch from the Lord one day as he kept his father’s sheep when he saw a deer running so hard and thirsting after the water brooks. The deer realized that it would not be satisfied until it got to the water.  As David saw this, he realized he was in the same condition relating to the Lord. 

The soul longs; it pants after God. You may have realized in your own life that this world’s experiences can’t seem to measure up and fill the void that seems to remain in you.  You know something deep within you is screaming out and longing to receive something this world cannot offer.  This is nothing more than the soul thirsting for the living God.  It alone is God that can quench your thirst because God created you for fellowship.  This is why nothing but fellowship with God will ever be able to satisfy.

Have you tried filling your life with this world’s pleasures? Have you spent paycheck after paycheck on worldly goods only to be empty and broken?  You may have already been born again but have drifted from the Lord and now your soul is in desperate need of living water.  God is the only one that can satisfy the souls longing.  Why don’t you obey the longing in your soul today and cry out to Jesus.  He alone can satisfy your every longing. 

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