Stronger Than the Gates of Hell – Daily Devotion for January 9th

Stronger Than the Gates of Hell

Daily Devotional for January 9th

And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. Matthew 16:18

When we think of the most powerful things in this world, our imaginations run to things like earthquakes, raging waves of the sea, destructive storms, atomic bombs, etc. Although these are powerful in their own right, they are not the most powerful.  Do you know that you are part of the most powerful entity on the face of the earth?  Even though it is unseen to the natural eye, there is a war raging in our world.  It is totally spiritual though.  Like earthly kingdoms, Satan has gone on a conquest to take over this world and build his walls around it to protect his dominion.  This is manifested in the lives of those who are in drug and alcohol addictions, sexual addictions,

The good news for us is, we do not have to remain in his kingdom. Upon this Rock Jesus said, I will build my church. This literally meant that Jesus was about to build a kingdom that has been in the world since He came two thousand years ago.  The word church which means the called out ones or a community of believers on earth. Jesus is the rock and will build a church that Hell cannot stop.  The Kingdom of God is here in spirit today and has been here since Jesus came.  Our duty as the church is to “Go” into all the world and declare to the world this wonderful good news.  In doing so, you will be withstood by the enemy on every turn, but we are already promised to prevail.  The question today is simply this; will we fight until the victory is won or will we cave in defeat when we are not instructed to.

The phrase the gates of hell shall not prevail against it tells us that, as one kingdom army storms another, the church is to storm the fortresses of Hell.  Gates are not weapons, they are entrances into Satan’s strongholds where he holds captive your people and mine.  You’ve already been given a promise that Hell cannot stop you because the church is built upon Jesus Christ.  Our battle is in the spirit.  Jesus has promised that Hell won’t be able to prevail against you.  So why are we defeated at times?  It’s because we simply give up and give in.  We are to “Go” and reach the world with the gospel; go win our people, preach the gospel in word and with signs following as Jesus said.  The devil cannot win if you’ll purpose in your heart today to wage war for your family, county and world.

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