Trading the Spirit of Heaviness – Daily Devotion for December 15th


Trading the Spirit of Heaviness

Daily Devotional for December 15th

To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; Isaiah 61:3

Life’s difficulties, tragedies, and deaths of loved ones are often the source of most of our sorrows.  Some people are able to get past life’s hurts without much trouble while others seem to suffer continual affliction in them.  There are even good godly men and women who drift off into horrible pits of sorrow only to remain there the rest of their lives.  It’s as if the walls are too high to scale and they continue to sink deeper and deeper into the muck and mire.

But there is something very different about this type of sorrow and heaviness.  This is called the spirit of heaviness.  This means that there is demonic influence that is causing this darkness to cover a person.  Doctors desire to write prescriptions for this type of condition, but medicine cannot cure it.  As a matter of fact, a spiritual problem cannot be cured with medicine.  It’s impossible.

It is the spirit of heaviness that causes discouragement and depression.  This spiritual influence has caused millions to take their lives simply because they have found no remedy or relief.  But in this chapter of Isaiah, Jesus the Messiah came to rescue all of those who are under the oppression of the devil. 

Jesus said He would not only deliver you from the spirit of heaviness, but He would replace that spirit of heaviness with a garment.  This is not just any garment; it’s the garment of praise.  Jesus promised to deliver from the demons that bind and destroy, and in return, give unto you a garment of praise.  This garment gives us the right to rejoice in the presence of Almighty God.  When the Lord delivers, there is nothing else our soul desires to do but rejoice, praise and worship Him for what He has done.

Are there things that have seemed to grip you?  Are there things that are so heavy that they weigh you down to a point where you cannot rejoice in the Lord?  Does it seem as though the devil has stolen your worship?  Jesus promised to trade you this garment of praise for this spirit of heaviness that grips you.  Call on the Name of the Lord today.  He will deliver.

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