Unto us a Son is Given – Daily Devotion for December 6th


Unto us a Son is Given

Daily Devotional for December 6th

For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.  Isaiah 9:6

In this Holiday season there are so buying gifts for their loved ones in hopes of bringing joy into their hearts.  None of that is bad in itself, but many people are distracted by the things of this world and lose sight of the more important things!  Our families come together and spend very valuable time while the weather outside is cold and dark.  But in the midst of all of the holiday shopping, we fail too many times to stop to see why we recognize this time of the year that brings so much joy and light to the entire world.

Jesus coming was in response to man’s terrible condition in sin.  Satan, through the open door of sin, had taken over and set up his kingdom of darkness and government upon this world.  But unto us a child is born!  Unto us a son is given.  The world cannot understand it, but Jesus is the Son, He is the Holy One from the Father!  God could have sent angels or other men to wage this war against Satan but He sent the King!  No other kingdom on earth would allow the king to come and fight the enemy, but the kingdom of Heaven sent the King!  He sent the Son!  The entire government and powers of darkness was upon His shoulders and Jesus defeated the entire kingdom of darkness by Himself!

His name is Wonderful because that is just exactly what Jesus is!  He’s wonderful!  He rescues!  He sets men and women free even today!   Everyone who has been born again knows that Jesus delivers!  Do you need someone to talk to and cast all your cares upon?  Jesus is the Counsellor!  No other counsellor will advise you to just turn your troubles over to them and let them take care of them for you, but that’s exactly what Jesus asks!  Give it to Him!  “Come unto me” He said “and I will give you rest.”

Are there strongholds or walls of opposition in your way of victory?  Jesus is the Mighty God!  Ask Him today!  He wants to deliver!  That’s the reason He came so that you can be free, if you want to be free!  Satan’s chains cannot and will not keep you held down if you will call on the Mighty name of Jesus today!  Because He is our father, we are His children!  Praise the Lord!  He will willingly take the responsibility of caring for you and nurturing you through your entire life if you’ll allow Him to!  Do you have peace today?  Is there turmoil in your life?  Are the armies of darkness on the hunt for you and attempting to tear you down?  I’ve got good news!  Jesus is the Prince of Peace!  He will give peace if you will just ask in faith believing today!  Cast all your troubles on Him!  This is why the King came!  Peace will come if you’ll surrender it all to Him! 

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