Intimacy With God – Daily Devotion for December 5th


Intimacy With God

Morning Devotion for December 5th

And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent. John 17:3

There is something within the inner being of every person in the world that calls out for something we do not possess. The deepest part of man/woman screams within themselves of a void that exists.  Every attempt has been made to fill this void within the heart, but with no avail.  Money, fame, pleasures of every stripe, power, influence and other things are placed within our hearts to seek after, but we find ourselves coming back to the same conclusion; we are still empty and the hunger is never satisfied.  King Solomon would reveal in his writings that everything in this life, without exclusion, is vanity (emptiness) and vexation of spirit. 

When Jesus prayed this prayer, He revealed the wonderful plan of redemption. Man does not need one thousand hobbies to keep him satisfied through life, all he needs God in his life.  Knowing God through Jesus Christ is the most wonderful thing that could ever be! To know God.  Not just know about Him, but to know Him.  When we cut through all of the religious clutter and turn our hearts with the purpose of seeking to know God and His Son, then we have made a huge step in the right direction.

In our error, we have witnessed to lost people by asking if they attend church or something similar. Church attendance in itself is not the answer.  The real question that should be asked is this; Do you know God?  There are about as many opinions about what eternal life is than the number of people in the world, but in this verse is the description; the definition of life eternal.  Knowing God the Father and the Son is life eternal.  This is what God sent His Son into the world to accomplish; to give fallen man the privilege of knowing Him.  What a wonderful privilege it is!

Do you know God, or do you just know about Him? Is the extent of your Christian life reduced to church attendance a few times a week?  If so, you are robbing yourself of the essence of life eternal; and that is knowing God!  Once we lay aside all of the religious activity and focus on the One true God, asking Him to reveal Himself or by simply stopping everything else in your life and saying God I want to know you and who you are, then God Himself will come to you.  There will come an intimacy with God that is very beautiful in holiness.  When God comes, His presence is so wonderful that nothing else in this life is worthy to be compared to it!  Once we come to know Him, all our heart can do is stand in awe of such a wonderful God.  Everything else in this life that we have selfishly chased after for peace and joy will fade in the distance, and knowing God will become your only desire!  Praise His Name Forever! 

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