Make it a Well – Daily Devotion for December 4th


Make it a well

Daily Devotional for December 4th

Who passing through the valley of Baca, make it a well .  Psalm 84:6

As children of God, we all go through great trials and tribulations at times.  In our country, where living for God once seemed to be widely accepted, now has become an object of ridicule.  The child of God though, like David, does not receive his/her acceptance or strength from the world.  David declared that his soul longed for another time; just one more opportunity to be in the presence of God.  He was not just referring to another trip into a building to do religious things, but to come into the awesome presence of the Lord where all shadows have to flee away, worshipping and thanking Him for His goodness and mercy.

David mentions at least two significant valleys in his psalms.  Both of which are not places in Israel.  The valley of Baca is not a place you will find on a map.  The valley of the shadow of death cannot be found either.  They signify spiritual places.  When Jesus went through Samaria in John 4, He came upon a place where Jacob had dug a well.  This place could have been a very hard place to reside, except for the well.  It could have been a difficult valley to journey through, but a well had been dug.  The very reason a well was there was the result of thirst.  Because Jacob chose to dig a well there many years ago, that place had become a place of refreshing for all who came after him.

The word “Baca” simply means “weeping” or “sorrow.”  David declared that even though we pass through the valley of Baca, we don’t have to fall under the load of the weeping.  We can turn it into a well; a place of refreshing.  We can turn it into a place of strength.  You may ask, how can I turn a place of weeping into a place of refreshing?  By digging a well!  You can find the Lord wherever you are and whatever you are going through.  You don’t have to wait until you pass through the valley.  Call upon the Lord in the midst of your valley.  He hears and will come. 

In our darkest valleys of weeping, being in the presence of the Lord is the remedy.  His presence makes all the difference in the world.  In thy presence is the fullness of joy.  (Psalm 16:11)  The joy of the Lord is our strength.  One hour in the presence of God can accomplish more in your life than a lifetime in the world.  Are you in a valley of weeping today?  Call to Jesus today.  He has promised that He would come and sup with us if we will open the door and invite Him in.  (Revelation 3:20)

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