Correcting Our Vision – Daily Devotion for November 5th


Correcting Our Vision

Daily Devotional for November 5th

When they therefore were come together, they asked of him, saying, Lord, wilt thou at this time restore again the kingdom to Israel?  Acts 1:6

The world has always had a difficult time discerning the Lord ways and purposes.  What’s worse is the church can be just as guilty.  Sin and the cares of this life will cause man to become so spiritually blinded to the things of God that he cannot discern what is around him.  Israel had grown very weary with the strong arm of the Roman empire who had ruled over them for such a long time.    The disciples asked Jesus, “Will you restore the Kingdom to Israel?”  The disciples, along with the rest of Israel, were swallowed up with the idea that the Messiah would physically restore the kingdom to Israel. 

The prophet Isaiah, Daniel, along with the ministry of John the Baptist, had plainly declared the Son of God to come and place himself as a sacrifice for man’s sin, but Israel looked for a king.  This blindness caused the entire nation to miss the first coming of the Son of God.  Jesus was interested in bringing the lost to salvation through the redemption of His blood by the cross of Calvary.  It isn’t enough just to say that fallen man was fallen, but man would forever burn in torment in Hell without a Saviour.

It’s amazing how sin can distract someone from seeing things the way they really are.  Even though the Roman empire’s presence was ever before their eyes, Jesus came into the world to rescue fallen man from a greater tyranny.  Satan’s kingdom was the real empire that had taken over, not just the greater Mediterranean sea region, but the whole world.  Satan was not just imprisoning man, he was continuing to drag multitudes into the pits of Hell.  Jesus revealed to His disciples that their concern and vision shouldn’t be on an earthly kingdom, but on the Kingdom of God.  The disciples were to receive power to witness for Christ after the Holy Ghost had come upon them and win the lost for the kingdom of God. 

What is your vision on today, friend?  Even though you’ve been born again, do you still find yourself distracted by the desires of life or is the reality of eternity forever in your vision?  We will remain blinded to the realities of fallen man and Hell as long as sin reigns in our life.  When we repent of sin in our lives and ask the Lord to forgive and cleanse, the true vision will become clear again as to what is really important.  That reality is to win the lost! 

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