The Cloak of Sin – Daily Devotion for October 28th


The Cloak of Sin

Daily Devotional for October 28th

If I had not come and spoken unto them, they had not had sin: but now they have no cloke for their sin. He that hateth me hateth my Father also. John 15:22-23

Out of all things that can be spoken of as evil, sin is definitely toward the top. What seems to be worse than sin is the hiding of it.  It has been said many times; the cover up is worse than the crime.  Why do we cover up our sin after we have committed it?  We look at Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden who seemed to be okay with their sin until God came calling.  Then all of a sudden, the fig leaves showed up to cover their nakedness.

A cloke is a garment worn over the outside of the clothing as the garment seen by the world. We see cloaks in the form of islamic burkas, star wars jedi robes etc.  In the Halloween season, we see people who dress up in costumes of their favorite characters, but how many of us disguise our true selves at all times? 

Most of us want to portray ourselves better than our actions. We don’t want to reveal who we really are.  Some people have a very distinguished position in society and want to protect it, while others hide their sins for the purpose of escaping judgment for their sin.  Some people hid behind a smile in order to hide the grief and depression inside.

Jesus revealed to His disciples that the Pharisees played a good part, but they were only actors. They wore spiritual cloaks because they desired to put on a good front, but Jesus saw completely to the heart.  He revealed them to be whited sepulchres; the were beautifully adorned, but inwardly were full of dead man’s bones.  They were wolves in sheep’s clothing.  It is said many times in scripture Jesus knowing their thoughts. He knows everything that no one else knows.

Are their sexual lusts in the very depths of our hearts that only we and God knows about? Are we telling lies that no one else would ever know?  Are our eyes on wickedness although no one could ever prove it?  Are their other things in our hearts that no one else would ever know except for God?  Jesus revealed that there would be nothing hid that shall not be revealed. Instead of keeping our sin cloaked, should we not rather come before God honestly confessing our sins?  This is why confession is so important.  Confession pulls the cloak away.  God knows it’s there anyway friend.  It will continue to haunt you as long as you cloak it.  But if you will pull the cloak off and confess it before God, He will forgive and cleanse from all of this unrighteousness.  You’ll be glad you removed the cloak and let the light shine in the darkest places of your heart.

3 thoughts on “The Cloak of Sin – Daily Devotion for October 28th

  1. What an important word! How we resist peeling back the ‘onion layers’ of our self and sin. Sometimes I have to just sit before the Lord and let the Holy Spirit reveal things…not easy to see what’s there! Thank you brother.

    • I apologize for not responding to you before now. I’ve been away for a few days seeking the Lord concerning a matter. Thank you for your continuing encouragement and fellowship. Only in eternity will you realize the help you’ve been to me and this ministry. God be with you always!

      • Brother, no apology needed! Am praying for you and confident of the Lord’s response in your life. Amazing how you can scatter seeds, even so far northeast, and the Lord waters and brings increase. Am very grateful. ⚓

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