Forever Reminder of the Cross – Daily Devotion for October 24th


Forever Reminder of the Cross

Daily Devotional for October 24th

And one shall say unto him, what are these wounds in thine hands?  Then he shall answer, Those with which I was wounded in the house of my friends. Zechariah 13:6

The Lord revealed to Zechariah that Israel will one day ask the Son of God about the nail prints; the scars in His hands. Jesus will reply “Those with which I was wounded in the house of my friends.” How could the Lord call Israel His friends who had plainly seen His miracles, heard His teaching, saw Him feed 5000, hear His claim that He was the Lamb of God, but yet they openly rejected Him? But yet Jesus called this place the house of His friends.

Although this verse is a prophesy and yet to be fulfilled, it speaks so clearly to us today. Many times, in our enjoyment of this wonderful salvation, we focus on our victory, liberty and joy, but do we forget the horrible price that was paid so that we could enjoy it so freely? Some people go throughout their lives offering up selfish requests for God to give them material things or bless their lives without ever offering their lives to Him in return.  Is there a remembrance of the torture and agony Jesus went through?

Even though God has promised blessing to us, let us never forget the price Jesus paid at Calvary that opened up the door to God’s wonderful blessings. When the Lord hands out His blessing to us, to we see the nail scars or is our eyes focused only on the blessing? Truly God has promised many great things for us, but never forget the scourging He took for your healing, the nails that were driven in His hands and feet for your transgressions, the six long hours alive suffering in anguish on the cross so that you could have peace, and His life’s blood that was shed so that you would have the opportunity to accept His payment for your sin to be saved.

Throughout eternity there will always be a remembrance of the cross. When John looked in the midst of the throne in glory, he saw a lamb as it had been slain. Israel will one day look upon Jesus whom they slain. The very same body that was nailed to the cross will be standing before them. The most encouraging things about this is it is evidence that Jesus loved us but also that He conquered death.  Are you forever reminded of the cross, or have things caused our memory to fade? Living with the cross in your view will keep you with a great appreciation of what He did there and will produce a commitment to Christ that nothing else will.

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