Spirit Filled Life – Daily Devotion for October 4th


Spirit Filled Life

Daily Devotional for October 4th

And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit; Ephesians 5:18

The world suffers greatly today due to many things. The greatest of which is a powerless church.  Although some would argue, the present condition of the church is no where near where Jesus desires the church to be.  The church was designed to be a force that kept back the enemy from taking over the entire world through sin.  Is it possible for a church to be completely steamrolled in a world when Jesus said the gates of hell shall not prevail against it?

Before Jesus ascended back to the Father, He foretold of another comforter that would come. This comforter would not only abide with them, but would empower them to be witnesses.  It is the powerful Holy Spirit that worked with the early church in order to push back the kingdom of darkness and bring in light and rescue people from bondage to freedom in Christ.  The idea here in this verse though is that we can be born of but not filled with the spirit.  We must go on with Christ.

After you are saved, God desires that your life be alive in and led of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is sent to us to empower us to walk victoriously.  Are you walking in victory?  Do demonic forces oppress you to the point where you are overcome?  It is the will of God that you walk endued and empowered by His Spirit.

The book of Acts continually tells us of the Holy Spirit’s work within the apostles. Don’t think for one moment that God only chose to empower twelve men.  Don’t even think that this covenant was only empowered by the Holy Spirit for a certain amount of time.  In every generation, God desires that His people operate in the spirit filled life so that your prayer life, your witnessing, your daily walk be engulfed with His presence.  We must return to desiring God more than any other thing.

Why does the church today not having the same impact on the world? We do not seek to be filled with God.  We dare not seek after gifts, but that we seek God alone.  We see the accomplishments of Peter when he preached at Pentecost.  We see the boldness that was given unto the ones preaching the gospel.  We also see Stephen’s effectiveness.  How were these ordinary people able to accomplish such things?  Because they were filled with the Spirit.  Neither can we accomplish anything apart from being filled.  Let us ask God today to fill us with Himself.  Let us desire above all things to be a witness for Him in this world by allowing His Spirit to move through us.  The Holy Spirit is the only force that can turn the tide of sin in our generation.  Ask God today to pour Himself into you.  He will friend!


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