Two Spiritual Atmospheres – Daily Devotion for October 2nd


Two Spiritual Atmospheres

Daily Devotional for October 2nd

For a day in thy courts is better than a thousand. I had rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God, than to dwell in the tents of wickedness.. Psalm 84:10

While David recognized the difference in the two places he mentioned in this verse, it may not be as evident to us. David knew a vast difference between the courts of God and the tents of wickedness.  The greatest difference is the things that abide in each.  The presence of God, righteousness and blessing abides in the courts, while the devil, his sins and afflictions abide in the tents of wickedness.

Does it really matter what spiritual environment I choose to abide in? Do you realize that the environment you choose to abide in effects your spiritual life?  We fall into temptations many times for the simple reason that we enter into and abide in an atmosphere that welcomed it.  If we enter into a brothel or viewed pornography, we should not be surprised if we are tempted to engage in adulterous activities.  If we listen to the music of the world, we should not be surprised if we are drawn to the things sung in those songs.  The list goes on.

Why is it important that we be aware of the environments of the world? To put it simple; every spiritual environment draws things to it.  If you abide in a landfill, you will abide amongst the rotting waste.  Wherever filth and decay abides, it will attract flies and buzzards.  The music of the world, drunkenness, etc., these things usher you into a spiritual place where temptations will grab you and pull you into their traps.  Some people consume themselves in pornography and they never understand why they fall into sin. 

The truth is, we must walk in the light! Do not abide in the darkness friend.  If you will remove yourself from the spiritual atmosphere where the devil abides, and choose to remain in the courts of the Lord, you will experience a great change in your life.  Great victory and joy will come because in God’s presence is fulness of joy. Psalm 16:11

Spending time in prayer, in the word of God and in worship will not only strengthen you, but you will enter into the right spiritual atmosphere because God inhabits these things. Satan does not walk in the light.  Examine your life today and see if you are allowing yourself to be drawn into darkness simply because you choose to enter the wrong atmosphere.  We are definitely a product of the environment we choose to abide in.  Walk in the light as He is in the light.  1 John 1:6-7

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