When the Shepherd Anoints the Sheep – Daily Devotion for September 27th


When the Shepherd Anoints the Sheep

Daily Devotional for September 27th

Thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.…Psalm 23:5

As we continue to look into the life of the shepherd, we see many things that relate to our walk with the Lord.  In the shepherd’s bag, there were many things for the sheep.  The horn of oil was a very important commodity as it was useful in so many ways.  Sheep became vulnerable to flies, bugs and other insects.  The insects would attempt to crawl into the ears and nose of the sheep to lay eggs a lot like many dogs and cats are prone to ear mites.

Not only does Jesus; our Shepherd, watch out for evil spirits to bombard us from the outside, He also protects us from things seeking to destroy us from the inside.  According to 2 Corinthians 10:4-5, it is made very clear to us that Satan attacks us in our minds.  More often than not, if the devil does get victory over the child of God, he will accomplish it through the mind. 

Many imaginations and lies can buzz around us, if we allow them to be planted into our minds, pain and heartache will result.  Once the insects enter into the sheep’s head, there is literally no relief until the shepherd anoints the head with oil.  The devil takes pleasure in planting thoughts, imaginations, and other lies into our minds that will drive us literally crazy.  The sheep will lose sight of everything else and be driven to seek for anything to bring relief.  The sheep will literally beat their heads against rocks and trees in an attempt to sooth the torment which cause more harm than good. 

The anointing oil was applied beforehand, but was just as effective after the insects had made their way into the cavities of the sheep.  David said this his cup ran over when the Lord anointed his head with oil.  This meant that the shepherd did not ration the oil.  He poured it out liberally.  The oil smothered out the insects and destroyed the eggs bringing much needed relief to the sheep.  There is no wonder why we rejoice so much when the Lord touches us.  The devil’s lies of deceit have to leave when the shepherd anoints us will His oil.  One touch of Jesus can heal so much.  Will you allow the Lord to pour in the oil and fill your heart and mind?  The devil cannot remain in the presence of the oil!  Praise His name forever!

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