The Shepherd Restores Me – Daily Devotion for September 24th


The Shepherd Restores Me

Daily Devotional for September 24th

He restoreth my soul; he leadeth me in paths of righteousness for his namesake.  Psalm 23:3

Our lives get so busy at times in our toiling and laboring.  Our day jobs keep us running as well while our spiritual battles.  This constant labor is much of the reason for our burnout.  But it’s not just weariness that comes from the journey, there are also times when the adversary actually lands some of his fiery darts and harms us.  We are left wounded, discouraged, depressed and defeated.

Out of all of the things the shepherd does for the sheep, one of the most important is restoration and recuperation.  To a wounded sheep, the shepherd knows that restoration and healing are essential.  If a sheep was injured by either an attack of a predator or falling into a steep place, the shepherd had to be a doctor to that sheep.  The sheep wouldn’t have the strength or the ability to keep up with the rest of the fold, so the shepherd will carry the sheep.  The sheep would then be able to move along with the fold while being restored.

The majority of the time, we attempt to walk in paths that the Lord never intended.  But all too often we choose those roads because they appear the best way for us to travel. Many of us are broken from the paths we attempt to walk.  We have all fallen victim to the devil’s snares at some point or another.  We find ourselves worn out talking up jagged cliff sides and down steep mountains that leave us without strength.  These paths have predators and snares of those who seek the sheep’s destruction.

There is restoration in walking in paths of righteousness.  The shepherd’s path will not leave you without strength.  It will not leave you hungry.  The shepherd’s path will bring restoration.  Are you weary and wondering why your strength is gone?  Could it be that the spiritual path your walking is not the path God intended?  Could it be that you’ve been led down a path that catered to your own desires?  Restoration comes in walking paths of righteousness for His namesake.  He will restore your soul when you’re ever walking with the shepherd in the lead.

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