The Lord is my Shepherd – Daily Devotion for September 20th


The Lord is My Shepherd

Daily Devotional for September 20th

The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want…Psalm 23:1

From the believer to the unbeliever, every person in this world follows something or someone else. Some people feel as though they are leading their own lives. Many people believe they are not following anyone. Many chase their dreams while others chase their hearts desires. Jeremiah declared that the way of man is not in himself: it is not in man that walketh to direct his steps. Jeremiah 10:23.

During David’s days of shepherding his father’s sheep, he learned through revelation that he was to the Lord as the sheep were to him; the shepherd. The truth is we all follow from the least to the greatest. In the scriptures, man has been compared to sheep above all other animals. Jesus revealed in John 10 that he was the Chief Shepherd and every believer is one of His sheep. Jesus said, my sheep know my voice and I know them and follow me. John 10:27

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The sad truth is all of us are susceptible to being led by Satan unaware. Jesus promised He would send the Holy Spirit to guide us in this life. We now have an inward pilot that will direct us if we ask. With Jesus as our shepherd, we do not have to worry if the path we are walking will lead to an unpleasant end. Jesus knows what you need. Many times the Lord gives us direction in prayer and it may not seem to make sense, but if we will follow, there will be blessing at the end.

If it had not been for shepherds, sheep would most likely be extinct today. The same is true with us today. We cannot make it in this life without Jesus as our Shepherd. The shepherd is many things to the sheep. He leads, protects, feeds, waters and supplies the needs of the sheep. Jesus wants to be everything to you. Should you choose Jesus to be your shepherd, you come into the sheepfold of multitudes who have made the decision to follow. Life is great in God’s sheepfold. It starts with a cry from our hearts realizing the we cannot find our way alone.

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  1. Thank God that He is always leading and guiding us. Even when we go astray from Him the Good Shepherd , He always has such a unique way of bringing us back to Him. Thanks brother for this post. God bless you

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