The Triumph of the Cross – Daily Devotion for September 19th


The Triumph of the CROSS

Daily Devotional for September 19th

And having spoiled principalities and powers, he made a shew of them openly, triumphing over them in it.  Colossians 2:15

The victory that Jesus accomplished for us at Calvary is so far greater than what we can even begin to comprehend.  Not only did He take care of the issue of sin so that every person can enjoy freedom from sin, but Jesus also spoiled the entire Kingdom of Satan at the cross.  Paul said that we do, at times, wrestle against principalities; i.e., evil powers and strongholds.  (Ephesians 6:12)  However, at the cross, Jesus spoiled principalities; meaning, He totally disarmed the kingdom of Satan!  

 The word spoil means to disarm, deprive or dispossess especially of property, authority, or title.  The word principality is a state (monarchy or kingdom) ruled by a prince. Powers is the ability to influence the behavior of others or the course of events.  Though it may be a shrouded mystery to the world, the Cross of Calvary was the battlefield where Jesus conquered Satan in every aspect.  Not just the power of sin, but the very powers of Hell were brought to nothing at the cross.  Every method, scheme, device, and influence!  He made a public spectacle of them. Jesus publicly embarrassed the Kingdom of Darkness at the cross.  This is why trusting Jesus and his victory at the cross is so important.  This is also why Satan distracts us from Jesus and the cross.  Satan’s entire battle plan was defeated at Calvary!

Why then do we attempt to defeat Satan by our own methods?  This life is like a tag team wrestling match.    Have you ever noticed that in a tag team match, when the opponent is beating the other wrestler to almost a place of utter defeat, all that wrestler can do or think about is tagging in his partner into the fight? He crawls on his knees with his hand extended with all of his effort to reach for his partners hand.  The opponent will use every method he can to keep his opponent from tagging his partner in the fight.  Satan wants to get us in the ring with him to fight him in our own power or means.  You’ll never be able to defeat him like that friend.  Satan’s strategy is to keep us in the ring fighting.  Satan cannot, however, keep us from tagging Jesus into the fight.

Are you wrestling against things that you don’t have the energy or the ability to fight against?  Are there Goliaths surrounding you that you know you don’t possess the power within yourself to defeat?  God has designed the cross to be your victory!  If God intended for you to fight the enemy in your own strength, Jesus would never have had to go to the cross!  Are you battling spiritual chains of bondage in your life?  Are your children enslaved to the enemy?  Is there a family member held captive to Satan at his will?  Tag Jesus into the battle!  Don’t stay in the ring with the devil.  Fall down upon your knees and place your battle into the hands of God.  This battle isn’t meant for you, but Jesus has made a way of victory so that all we have to do is tag Jesus in the ring.  Once Jesus is in the ring with Satan, you will see the battle turn in your favor. 

One thought on “The Triumph of the Cross – Daily Devotion for September 19th

  1. I love this one! Absolute Truth right here brother. We will never win this battle against Satan in our own strength, we must call upon the name of the Lord Jesus and He will give us victory. It’s in Him that every demon in hell has to bow it’s knee. It’s in that name of Jesus that every broken heart, every broken home , and every individual fighting any addiction can be set free and made whole. Hallelujah!

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