Seeking the Kingdom First – Daily Devotion for September 15th


Seeking the Kingdom First

Daily Devotional for September 15th

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. Matthew 6:33

Jesus came to Israel during a time when the nation had become so cold and indifferent toward God. Acknowledging God was very much accepted, while being a committed follower was not as much. Men and women who had surrendered their lives unto the Lord and put God first in their lives were no doubt few and far between.

Jesus preached many things unto His disciples in those days about how to truly live for the Father. When He said to seek first the kingdom, He spoke so much. When we seek, we are reading the word of God, praying and listening to what He has to say to us. After the answer comes, then we surrender to the will of God. Seeking the kingdom of God means that we are looking beyond the earthly governments and rules of this world. It also means that we are turning in our citizenship to this earthly kingdom to enter into citizenship with God.

Most importantly, Jesus said seek the kingdom of God first. This means that everything else in our lives should fall in line after our commitment to Christ. In our rush through life we often seek our wants and desires above all else. Because our priorities are not in their proper order, we miss out on so much that God desires to do in and through us. God must be the greatest priority of our lives. If He is not, then our entire lives are out of order. This is one of the greatest reasons why our lives continue with so much turmoil and trouble.

We often feel justified in our walk with the Lord if we just make an effort to give the Lord a small amount of time in our convenience. However, Jesus said seek first the kingdom. There are untold blessings from the treasury house of Heaven that are available to us when we seek first the kingdom of God.  You may have a place for God in your life, but it does not mean that God is number one in your life.  Spend some time in prayer asking the Lord if to reveal any an all things that may have come between you. As the Lord reveals, rearrange them on your list of priorities. If the Lord were to ask you to pray for whatever you wanted and he would grant it, what would you pray for? Your answer will reveal your priority.

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