By request, Anchored In The Cross Ministries has recently added PRAYER REQUEST page to our site.  If you would like for our ministry to help you pray for any request you may have, you may submit a prayer request using the form on the Prayer Request page. 

The power of prayer cannot be underestimated.  Prayer is one of the most powerful forces in the world.  Our ministry believes that God desires more to answer prayer than we are to pray.  Jesus taught us that men should pray everywhere and faint not. 

It has been suggested that we provide a prayer request page to our website so that you may submit your prayer requests to us.  We do not take prayer requests lightly.  Upon your request, we will either publically post your requests or keep them private.  We value stewardship and will treat your requests accordingly. 

If you take enough time to submit your requests unto us, we believe that they are genuine concerns and will treat them as such.  We will take your requests and call on the Lord with other prayer intercessors to bring your petitions before God and trust God to move on your behalf. 

Many Christians become frustrated with their prayer life because they see Jesus’ promise to answer prayer but do not realize the many hindrances to answered prayers.  Because of this, we have also added a new web page THE POWER OF PRAYER to help you troubleshoot your prayer life. 

Thank you for considering Anchored In The Cross Ministries.  

God Bless

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