A Disciplined Prayer Life – Daily Devotion for Friday August 18th


A Disciplined Prayer Life

Daily Devotional for August 18th

And he spake a parable unto them to this end, that men ought always to pray, and not to faint; Luke 18:1

What is prayer anyway? To some people it is asking for needs to be met in your life.  To others it is about fellowship.  In some circles, there is a misconception about prayer that if you pray about something more than once, then you do not have the faith to see answer to prayer.  Jesus had a different lesson that this parable would teach concerning prayer and how we must be disciplined in our prayer life.  While we must pray believing and trusting in God to answer, we must also be committed in our prayer life. 

Jesus taught a parable of a woman who petitioned a king and did not stop until her petition was granted by the king. How often do we do this?  God is not like the king mentioned in this parable who did not care for the woman’s problem, He cares about everything you bring before Him.  As a matter of fact, we are instructed to cast all of our care upon Him because He cares for us.  1 Peter 5:7.  He does, however, desire you to bring your burdens and cares to Him and cast them down at His feet.  This woman persisted because she knew the only the king had the power to take care of her problem. 

Why are we not consistent in our prayer life? Why do we have times of persistent prayer while other times that God hardly ever hears from us?  Could it be that when people have stopped praying to the Lord that it reveals that their coming to God was not because they desire relationship with Him, but because they only desired Him to answer a need?  Prayer is much more than bringing our needs to God though, it should be about developing a relationship with our king!  Some people use God like a genie in a bottle but to others Jesus has become the One they have disciplined themselves to run to whether they have needs or not.

It’s easy to pray when you are facing difficulties or opposition in you life. Some times we are driven to prayer based upon concerns we have upon our hearts.  But when no storms are present or no giants stand before you, does your prayer life suffer?  Do you find it difficult to maintain a commitment to prayer?  Jesus taught here that ought always to pray and not to faint.  It is in the hard times we learn to pray, but it is in the good times where we develop a disciplined prayer life.  God so desires to hear from you regardless of whether you have needs or not.  He will answer prayer!  He promised that He would.  The truth is that a disciplined prayer life can only come through a genuine love for God. 

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