Spiritual Oppression of Christians – Daily Devotion for Wednesday August 9th


Spiritual Oppression of Christians

Daily Devotional for August 9th

And the LORD said, I have surely seen the affliction of my people which are in Egypt, and have heard their cry by reason of their taskmasters; for I know their sorrows; And I am come down to deliver them out of the hand of the Egyptians; … Exodus 3:7-8a

Although we read the scriptures and hear God’s words concerning it, no one will ever be able to begin to know the heart of God in respect to the oppression of His people. The strategy Satan has toward the children of God is to lord over them.  When you look at Egypt, Babylon, Mede & Persian, Roman Empire, you see a pattern of oppression.  All of these were oppressions over God’s people.  He’s trying to do the same today with Christians.  For the most part, he is succeeding because most don’t know their position in Christ or their position in the world.

The greatest spiritual affliction today is that a person can be wondrously born again, but still be under the condemnation and oppression of the devil. If the devil can control or oppress you, he has at least made an attempt at winning.  He may not be able to win your allegiance back or have you submit to him as lord.  Like any oppressive regime, followers of satan are beat into submission.  The people bow down through fear of torture.  They submit to his demands in order to gain relief from the pain or torment.  You are not a slave or servant to the devil any longer friend.  You are a child of the Most High God.  You need only submit to the Father and resist the devil!  James 4:7.

At the top of his oppressive strategy is mind control. As oppressive regimes control their people through propagating what he wants them to believe.  Do you realize that satan will keep you oppressed through the idea that you cannot withstand his onslaught of attacks?  It’s called spiritual propaganda.  He is a liar!  This is a demonic oppression.  Do you realize that unless you know what the word of God says, then you will be in some level of oppression? 

God knows the oppression. God sees the affliction of His people.  He hears the cry of those who are His children who long for total freedom from the chains of bondage of Satan.  He also sees the taskmasters.  There is freedom over every thought, act of sin, and spiritual chain.  Jesus came to set the captives free.  It does not matter what that captivity is, Jesus is willing today to break you free!  Do not believe the lie that you can never be free, or you’ll never be delivered from the chains that bind you.  Jesus has already made the way!  All you are required to do is call upon Jesus in faith!  The King will come and destroy every chain holding you.  You were not born again to be oppressed by satan, but to live under new citizenship in the Kingdom of God. 

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