The Stern Anchor – Daily Devotion for Thursday August 3rd 2017


The Stern Anchor

Daily Devotional for August 3rd

And sounded, and found it twenty fathoms: and when they had gone a little further, they sounded again, and found it fifteen fathoms. Then fearing lest we should have fallen upon rocks, they cast four anchors out of the stern, and wished for the day. Acts 27:28-29

As children of God, we face times of complete and utter helplessness. The skies have become black as a thousand midnights.  There are no stars to guide; no sight of the moon.  Black clouds have shrouded every navigational vantage point.  When we pray, it is as if the heaven’s are as brass.  It’s as if God is not listening.  We have no strength left to sail.  We look around the ship and no one knows what to do.  The captain has not given us any command. What’s worse is we can become adrift at sea; the winds driving tidal waves that you have no strength to sail through.  These winds eventually carry us out to rock and drift into dangerous waters.

Do you ever feel like you have lost all your spiritual energy? Does it seem as though God’s mighty rushing wind which has driven you to accomplish great things for His sake in the world has stopped blowing for a season?  There are times at sea when confusing winds blow in so many directions that will leave you disoriented.  You lose all sense of spiritual direction.  You don’t know where you are or what dangers lie ahead.  It is at this time that sailors cast out the anchors out of the stern. 

Large ships had more than one anchor. Most ships were equipped with stern anchors; which were anchors in the rear of the ship.  These anchors were used in emergencies when the waves could turn the ship in many different directions.  The sailors cast the stern anchors for the purpose of preventing the waves from swinging the ship into reefs and dangerous rock under the sea.  This anchor literally stops the waves from advancing the ship any further.  The Foreship anchor required the ship to travel further and would swing the ship in the opposite direction.  However, the stern anchor had much shorter of a drift distance before it took hold.  Once the stern anchor was set, the ship may not make any head way, but the anchor would keep the ship from drifting in an unwanted direction and keep it pointed in the right direction. 

The devil will perpetually rock you and bombard you with so many things that can leave you disoriented. As a sailor in this spiritual sea of life, you can become distracted by wrestling the waves that Satan will drive you into dangerous places you never anticipated.  But Jesus is the Stern Anchor!  He will hold you, not only in the course He’s charted, but will keep you pointed in the right direction.  We need only trust Him.  Are you tired of wrestling the waves?   Are these waves beginning to carry you away from your course and you have no energy left to resist them?  It’s time to stop fighting the waves and cast out the anchor from the stern.  Lay hold of The Stern Anchor and wait patiently for God’s mighty rushing winds to blow.  He will hold you in place until the storm passes by. 

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