The Church: God’s Army – Daily Devotion for Tuesday August 1st 2017


The Church: God’s Army

Daily Devotional for August 1st

And Jesus said unto him thou art Peter and upon this rock I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. Matthew 16:18

A great part of this world has been taken over by our adversary the devil. However, he has very little resistance anymore.  Not that there is no resistance, but that the resistance is not aware of the position it has in the world.  As the church of the Living God, we used to understand our position in the world than we do today.  But something has happened to us in this generation.  We do not feel we are much of an resistance to the kingdom of darkness.  What’s worse is the greater majority of us feel uncomfortable with even the thought waging war. 

To the contrary, God’s people are the opposition to the threat of Satan to take total and complete control of this world. In the kingdom of God, there is an agenda; and that is to fight.  When Ezekiel prophesied unto the bones, the bones rose up to become an exceeding great army.  Ezekiel 37:10.  The Lord today is rising up men and women who will wage warfare for the purpose of winning souls and to bring deliverance and victory to a lost world.  Jesus would reveal unto the first disciples that He would build a church upon a rock that the gates of Hell could not prevail against. 

Jesus came to do more than just save our souls. He came to set us His kingdom.  Since His sacrifice at Calvary, there has been a military; a spiritual army in this world that cannot be defeated by the gates of Hell.  The kingdom of God is now within you.  Luke 17:21.  These gates are the doors where Satan has built spiritual fortresses that keep our people enslaved.  Jesus revealed that these gates would not stop the church from entering them and tearing down every fortress he has built.

Our warfare is in the spirit. You must understand that, if you are born again, you are much more than saved; you are the resistance.  The Lord has given unto all of His children the means to win great victories in this world.  We are on God’s side.  He is the most powerful force in this world.  In this verse, Jesus has already declared victory to us!  All we must do now is have the courage to fight.  We must allow the Lord to equip us with the weapons we need in order to wage warfare.  Our people are just beyond the gates.  They are trapped inside and cannot break free themselves.  Is God calling you to be a soldier?  If you are willing, He will use you to bring victory into people’s lives. 

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