Lifter of My Head – Daily Devotion for Monday July 10th 2017

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Lifter of my Head

Daily Devotional for July 10th

Many there be which say of my soul, there is no help for him in God. But thou O Lord art a shield for me; my glory and the lifter up of mine head. Psalm 3:2-3

A person who keeps their eyes on the world will soon find themselves discouraged. This world succeeds in one thing, it lets down everyone who puts their trust in it. The world looks at times at the child of God with curiosity as to why they look to the Lord. Unbelievers have never experienced true victory that comes from trusting the Lord.

David had declared that the Lord had been a shield for Him. He desires to be the same with you and I today. The troubles of this life are much too strong for us. We cannot handle the things that the enemy throws toward us. The fiery darts are much too intense. This is why so many people give themselves over to drugs and alcohol; anything to try to find relief, even if it is only temporary.

David trusted in the Lord and because of that, he was able to see mighty victories. Just because you are a Christian doesn’t mean you are exempt from troubles. The child of God has found God to be the refuge in the storm; a shield from all the attacks of the enemy.

David also declared that the Lord had been the lifter up of his head. The devil’s desire is to discourage and depress you. Depression comes from the wicked one. David declared in Psalm 18 that the sorrows of hell had compassed him. Don’t be discouraged today. God is the lifter up of our head. You will find great comfort in coming to Jesus by faith. Jesus never has discouraged you. Whatever your storm, whatever your trial. Whatever your struggle is today; give it to the Lord. He will lift those heads which hang down in discouragement. He will place a new song in your heart and give you victory!

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