Diffusing Satan’s Atmosphere

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Diffusing Satan’s Atmosphere

Daily Devotional for June 12th

But if ye have bitter envying and strife in your hearts, glory not, and lie not against the truth. This wisdom descendeth not from above, but is earthly, sensual, devilish.  For where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work.   James 3:14 & 16

As we walk from day to day in our Christian lives, there are a few things that we must be totally cognizant of all the time. We should always be watchful of the devil’s devices.  We must also keep in our hearts that, even though we are saved, we can still be used by the devil. 

Is it even possible for Satan to use a child of God? There should be no doubt!  After Peter spoke in the presence of Jesus and all disciples in reply to Jesus with the words “Thou art the Christ; the Son of the Living God”, he was immediately afterward used by Satan to stand between Jesus and the Cross.  All of us know times where we have fallen weak or provoked to anger and allowed words to come out of our mouths that have hurt those we love. 

Does it really matter if I envy someone? Does it effect me if I have strife in my heart toward anyone?  Envy and strife are demonic!  They are deadly!  The scripture teaches here that envy and strife are two of the tactics Satan will use in order to bring about his works.  As a matter of fact, envy and strife will open the door for every evil work.  We tend to view these as minor setbacks to our character, but the truth is, these two things will generate an atmosphere where every wicked thing imaginable.

Envying and strife will bring forth hatred in your heart toward others. Hatred will bring forth anger; anger – harm.  Strife will cause separation in families, churches and friendships.  The most destructive effects of these things is they will welcome satanic influences so strong within you that you will not be able to withstand his power.  This is why repentance is so vital to victory! 

Have you allowed envying or strife to reside within your heart toward someone? Has someone brought harm to you and you find yourself unwilling to forgive them of the wrong they’ve done?  If so, Satan has created within your heart an atmosphere where he can and will bring forth every evil work.  Jesus asks us to let go of the strife and envy.  Do not allow it to reside within your heart.  Do not become a vehicle where Satan can be allowed a chance to use you to hurt or harm others.  Repentance will diffuse the atmosphere where Satan desires to use us.  Once these things are repented of and removed from your heart, you have allowed the Lord to diffuse Satan’s avenue to bring forth every evil work within you.  

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