Sailor’s Point of View – Daily Devotional for Wednesday May 24th 2017

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Sailor’s Point of View

Daily Devotional for May 24th

They that go down to the sea in ships, that do business in great waters; These see the works of the Lord, and his wonders in the deep. Psalm 107:23-24

As the world goes from day to day in the daily grind of life, there is another world altogether that can be experienced. The reason why so many people vacation at beaches, islands, and other tropical paradises is because of this whole new and different world of experiencing the ocean!  When we view the ocean from the beach for the first time, it is an event that is branded within us because it grips us so intensely.  The Christian life is a great example of this tropical world in the Spirit.

Although the rest of the world doesn’t know it, there is so much to experience at sea! David said here that the sailors would see God’s wonders in the deep.  You have to be there to experience them though.  Some people do not believe that God moves the way He once did.  It’s because they have not been out in the deep.  In order to experience God’s wonders, you have to be in the deep.  What happens in the deep waters?  Sailors risk their lives to bring cargo from one place to another; from one world to another.  As Christians, we do the same, only our journey through the deep is by faith.  Jesus asked Peter to launch out into the deep.  Once they got there, Jesus commanded him to cast their nets.  They pulled in a great number of fish.  Did you know that the unsaved are lost in the deep and it is Jesus who desires us to go and launch out to fish for them.  It was in the deep where the disciples watched as Jesus rebuked the winds and they obeyed Him.  It was also in the deep where they saw Jesus walk on the water.  They would never have seen this on the land.

Sailors see so much more of another world than land dwellers. As a Christian, we also see so much more.  We have seen deliverance from Alcohol and drug addiction, deliverance from suicide.  We have seen God heal cancers and other diseases.  But you have to be in the deep with them.  You also have to trust God in the deep!  This is why the sailors see God’s wonders while in the deep!  The sailor will turn over the reigns of his ship to God because there will come a point where there is nothing that he can do.  The deep oceans of life drive us away from ourselves and to place all our trust in Jesus. 

Most people only view the ocean from land, but never get to experience the wonders in the deep. It’s comfortable to have your feet planted in the sands, but God’s wonders will never be viewed from there.  You must launch into where the miracle is!  Are you in a place where you need God to move on your behalf?  Are there problems in your life and your asking God to work them out?  Get out in the deep and place all of your trust in Him!  You, like a sailor, will not just hear about God’s wonders, but you will experience His wonders in the deep. 

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