Don’t Limit God – Daily Devotional for Thursday April 6th 2017


Don’t Limit God

Daily Devotional for April 6th

Yea, they turned back and tempted God, and limited the Holy One of Israel. They remembered not his hand, nor the day when he delivered them from the enemy. Psalm 78:41-42

The God that you serve and live for today cannot be compared to any other god. There is no being that can even come close.  The devil himself cannot even be considered a worthy foe when measured against the Almightiness of our God.  The power of God is inexhaustible.  We cannot even measure God’s ability.  God created this world, not by His hands, but with His Words alone.  When God spoke “Let There Be…” it had to come to pass.

When God led His people out of Egypt, they witnessed miracle after miracle from Him. They were watching God move mountains of obstacles to make a way for them.  There was no army strong enough to withstand the power of the “I AM THAT I AM.”  In your life, you have witnessed God do things of the same power and nature.  You’ve experienced God’s wonderful presence and seen Him at work the same as Israel did.

But did you know that you can limit God? Is that achievable?  Is it even possible to limit a limitless God?  While we must understand that it is impossible to limit God, it is possible for your doubt and unbelief to hinder God’s movings in your own life.  Most of the time your unbelief is the one thing that holds God’s power from moving in your life.  You may look at the small problems in your life and ask the Lord to fix them and He does.  But when it comes to huge problems, do you doubt God’s ability?  Did you know that your unbelief, in essence, is saying “God, I don’t believe you are big or strong enough for this problem?”

Are you seeing the hand of God moving in your life or your family? If not, start believing God again.  Don’t limit what God can do.  Don’t you think it’s time to Believe big.  Ask big.  God is stilling willing and able to move mightily in your life.  You need only trust Him.  Don’t just believe “in” Him, but believe “on” Him.  This is the difference.  Once your faith is engaged, the God will move on your behalf.  Don’t limit God.  He is more willing to move in your life than you are to ask. 

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