The Touch of Jesus – Daily Devotional for Tuesday February 7th 2017


The Touch of Jesus

Daily Devotional for Tuesday February 7th 2017

And Jesus put forth his hand, and touched him, saying, I will; be thou clean.  An immediately his leprosy was cleansed.  Matthew 8:2

What a wonderful Saviour we have!  He cares for us all so much that He will save to the uttermost!  It’s amazing that Jesus loves this entire world unconditionally.  He loves the purest saint and vilest sinner the same.  Our spiritual condition is hopeless without Jesus.  The devil exercises lordship over all who are lost and outcast from God through sin.  There is only one remedy to the deadly spiral man finds himself caught up in; and that is, the touch of Jesus. 

This leper had a condition that was devastating.  It’s one thing to have a sickness that can eventually be overcome by the immune system or medicine, but his was totally different.  Leprosy is not satisfied until it has totally destroyed the body.  It continually eats away at the extremities until nothing is left.  It would ultimately end in death.  The leper obviously knew this. 

The leper found Jesus to be his only hope.  The leper declared that Jesus could heal him if He would.  He found that just one touch from Jesus was the answer to his problem.  You’ll find the same solution to your problem is the touch of Jesus.  When Jesus reaches out, He reaches with compassion!  Why do we endure things for so long before coming to Jesus?  Do we really have to exhaust every other option before asking for His help?  Everything you need is in His touch.  When Jesus touched the five loaves and two fish, they were multiplied.  When Jesus touched blinded eyes, they saw.

Are you alone; outcast and feel as though no one cares?  There is love in the touch of Jesus.  Has life’s circumstances driven you to the point where you see know hope?  There’s hope in the touch of Jesus.  Are you suffering with sickness or disease and no doctor has the answer?  There’s healing in the touch of Jesus.  Are you bound with Satan’s chains; wanting to be free but cannot get free?  There’s deliverance in the touch of Jesus.  His touch breaks every chain!  Why don’t you call upon Him today?  Don’t think for one moment that you are ever too far gone and out of the reach of the Saviour.  His hand is not too short that it cannot reach down to wherever you are.

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