Supping with Jesus -Daily Devotional for Wednesday February 1st 2017


Supping with Jesus

Daily Devotional for Wednesday February 1st 2017

Behold, I stand at the door and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come in to him, and will sup with him and he with me.  Revelation 3 20

Jesus spoke many things to His disciples about the new covenant.  He came not only to rescue us from the clutches of the enemy, but also to restore relationship our Heavenly Father has desired with us when we were created.  This wonderful redemption made possible by the shed blood of Jesus has given us such liberty to enter freely into His grace and come to know Jesus deeper and closer every day.

The Laodicean church’s letter from Jesus through John was very heart wrenching to say the least.  He spoke to a church that should have already been enjoying the fellowship with Him.  This church was overcome by the enemy and could not see their real need and God’s desire for them.  In our daily grind, we tend to neglect time with the Lord.  He so desires to walk with you.  The Lord’s desire is to sup with you.  This means that Jesus so longs to spend time with you.  When you sup with someone, you are sharing your heart with them and they share their heart with you.

There are times when you will feel the nudge of the Lord drawing you to prayer.  That nudge is the Lord saying to you, “I want you to share your heart with me.”  Other times you will feel the Lord drawing you to His word.  This drawing is the Lord saying to you, “I want to share my heart with you.”

Jesus is knocking on all of our hearts continually.  His desire is to be allowed into your life.  Jesus does not barge into your life.  He gently knocks.  It is up to us to open our door to Him.  Don’t ignore this knocking at your heart.  Just a talk with Jesus does so much for us!  Open your hearts door unto Him.  Let Him come into your house today.  Hear what He has to say to you.  Share your heart with Him.  Once you bring your burdens to Him, you will never be the same. 

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