Our Spiritual War – Daily Devotional for Wednesday January 18th 2017


Our Spiritual War

Daily Devotional for Wednesday January 18th 2017

For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh: For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds; 2 Corinthians 10:3-4

Even though the eye cannot see it, there is a war being fought all around us every day.  The enemy cannot be seen, but is enslaving souls by the millions.  The casualties are our families, friends and loved ones.  We are losing our generation to the enemy without even an attempt to stand against him.  They are not just dying without Jesus, they are going to eternal judgment in Hell.  The greatest question that lies before us is this; who will stand and fight to see them set free?

As children of God, we very rarely see ourselves as military people, but we are.  One of the greatest reasons why the devil runs so rampant in our world is because: for one, the church does not look at itself as militant.  Secondly, we have not known, for the most part, how to wage war in the spirit.  Thirdly, do we even believe we would even have an impact if we were to attempt to fight? 

The people of God have always been a military force.  In the old testament, the warfare was in the flesh mostly.  Since the cross, the warfare has not stopped, it’s completely in the spirit.  The church represents the God’s Army on earth with the purpose of waging war for our fellow man.  Our warfare is with the kingdom of Hell.  The Lord has ordained that we wage war for our people.  God will fight with us, but He does expect us to put the boots on the ground.

What are we fighting for?  Without God working with us, the devil would take complete control and enslave the entire world.  The church’s responsibility is to declare war and fight for our families who are lost, outcast, overcome by sin an wickedness.  All who are spiritual captives of Satan are the targets of our campaigns.  Do you have family or loved ones who are so deep in sin that it seems as though they spiritually untouchable?  They will continue in their downward spiral until we decide to fight for them.  The war is fought in the spirit.  Who will fight for your people to be saved?  Who will battle on their behalf to see them set free from the chains of bondage?  Like David in the valley of Elah, someone has to see the need and enter the fight.

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