Spiritual Seasons Daily Devotional for Thursday January 5th 2017

Spiritual Seasons

Daily Devotional for Thursday January 5th 2017
To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: Ecclesiastes 3:1
When God created the earth, He set things in motion that causes seasons to accomplish His purpose. The seasons cause the earth to be in an ever-changing state. There are times for plant growth, blossom, harvest and stillness. Then there comes a season of renewal that comes from the ground rest. This is all for the purpose of sustaining and ever-enduring life.
How many times do we wonder why our lives cycle they way they do? It seems as though our lives are patterned after the seasons. Times of refreshing (Acts 3:19), times of trials (1 Peter 1:6), times of temptation (Luke 8:13), etc. Believe it or not, God has ordained our lives in this fashion to do some amazing things in our growth.
As Christians, we want to continually abide in times of growth or times of harvest where we can see souls saved or see our maturity increasing, when the Lord may have us in a spiritual fall or winter time getting rid of the things in our life that do not need to be there. Spiritual fall and winter times seem to come in our lives that effects us much like fall and winter effects the earth. Peter revealed that there is a necessity for times of trials. Their purpose is to prune us; to get rid of the pride and selfishness. Spiritual winters come to us in order to kill out all of the chaff that is not useful unto the Lord.
You may be at a place in your life today where your trying to understand what the Lord is doing in your life? You may be desiring the harvest when the Lord is allowing the leaves to fall from your tree. You may be desiring to see the spiritual blossoms when God may be allowing the snow to fall to replenish your ground. God knows what needs to take place in your life. Let God do that work in your life. When it’s time for the blossoms to come, God will send the warm weather, but not without first allowing Him to send the cold weather. All of these seasons are necessary for us.

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