New Year’s Revolution – Daily Devotional for Monday January 2nd 2017


New Year’s Revolution

Daily Devotional for Monday January 2nd 2017

And the Lord spake unto Moses and Aaron in the land of Egypt, saying, This month shall be unto you the beginning of months: it shall be the first month of the year to you.  Exodus 12:1

When it was time for Israel to be delivered from Egypt, God would do more than just vacate them from the land, He would totally revolutionize their entire world.  Israel’s new life would be so different that the time spend in Egypt would only be a memory in a short time.  It is the same with us.  When God performs a work in your life, it can never be compared to an average life event.  God can never be any less than supernatural simply because He is God.

God’s plan to deliver Israel from Egyptian bondage would reset their entire lives.  This, starting anew, began with the sacrificing of a lamb.  Our beginning is no different.  When we surrender our lives to Jesus, the sacrifice of His blood applied to our sin is our beginning.  It was the blood of the lamb that revolutionized Israel, and it is the blood of Jesus that revolutionizes our lives as well.

Israel’s new year; new beginning, started in Egypt, but that beginning would mark an exit from the land.  The revolution started with freedom from Pharaoh’s oppression over them.  This freedom from Pharaoh was made possible by the blood of the lamb.  Our freedom over Satan also begins with the blood of the Lamb of God.  Once the blood has been applied unto us, Satan’s grip and control over your life is gone.  This allows us to follow Jesus out of the bondage and into a new life. Some people tragically choose to stay in bondage after being freed.

The beginning of this new year may not be as significant to the world as it was to Israel.  Every life that has been touched by the Lord is a new life, new year; a new beginning all together.   While some people make new years resolutions, God promises new years revolutions!  What have you chosen to do this year?  Instead of the new year prompting a New Year’s Resolution in your life, why don’t you allow God to make a change in your life that will bring about a New Year’s Revolution?

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