Our Light Affliction – Daily Devotional for Wednesday December 21st 2016


Our Light Affliction

Daily Devotional for Wednesday December 21st 2016

For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, worketh for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory.  2 Corinthians 4:17

As we continue to look at the hard times that come in our lives, how often do we view them as though no help from the Lord will come to us during them?  We must not forget that the Lord will behold your obedience to Him during trials and will always, without fail, reward your commitment. 

As Paul listed the troubles, perplexities, and persecutions he had gone through, he made one of the most interesting comments that could ever be made concerning troubles; our light affliction.  If you notice, there are two different things Paul compares the weight of in this verse; afflictions versus glory.  He uses the majority of this chapter to compare Satan’s attacks toward him to what God would accomplish in his life because of those attacks.  

When Satan attacks us, he attempts to use our love for self as a tool against us.  He knows that every man, woman, boy and girl typically cares for their own selves more than anyone else.  It is the love of self that always causes us to cave in times of trials.  But when Jesus saves our souls, in our hearts we develop such a love for Him that we would rather die than fail Him. 

When we experience life’s struggles, do we view them the same as Paul did?  Once the wonderful touch of God comes to us, then no affliction can ever be viewed the same.  No trial will ever be able to measure up to the weight of glory that God will pour out upon us.  The devil may bring on whatever he wants, but when He does, Jesus will pour out so much of His glory on us that our afflictions won’t even be able to compare to it.  The Lord made Paul to understand that He would always be there for him and keep him in whatever circumstance the devil could ever place him in. 

What about you, brother? Sister?  Has the Lord taught you this great truth?  If not, hold on, He will.  God is so faithful to us.  Whatever the devil attempts to do in your life, God will work out for you in such a way that your faith in God will be solid from this point forward. 




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