The Prayer Closet – Daily Devotional for Wednesday November 30th 2016


The Prayer Closet

Daily Devotional for Wednesday November 30th 2016

But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.  Matthew 6:6

Have you ever considered what Jesus was referring to when He said enter into thy closet?  Everyone of us have closets in our homes. Closets are commonly the place where clothes are hung awaiting a person to put them on. The closet has come to represent the place where we CHANGE! A person can enter their closet, shut the door, and change clothes, but Jesus said to enter into our closet to pray.

There are some interesting things about the closet. Once you shut the door, you have shut out everything else in the world. The closet is also the place where your real self is exposed; your flaws, shortcomings; who you really are is open for the Lord to see. This is a very humbling thing. God knows us anyway, so there is reason why we shouldn’t just bear ourselves honestly and come clean before Him in humility.

In this closet, there are no distractions. There is nothing to hinder. In the closet, the common noises of the world are eliminated. So many times we want to pray while we are doing something else. Jesus said when ye pray, enter into thy closet. We must understand that when we pray the way God wants us to pray, then all other distractions are laid aside. Jesus resorted to a mountain apart to pray. Matthew 14:23. Once we find ourselves in a solitary place to pray, we can start to pour our hearts out to the Lord.

Prayer cannot be substituted for church attendance, bible reading or anything else. Prayer is our contact; our communion with God. In our closet, we enter into the atmosphere of Heaven in prayer. This is why Moses face shined like the sun when he came down from the mountain of God. The devil will try everything he can to keep you from intimate alone time with the Lord.

But when we purpose to get alone with the Lord, something wonderful happens. Spiritual change takes place in our alone time with the Lord. Our Heavenly Father sees and hears your prayer in secret, and promised to reward you openly.

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