Committed to Jesus – Daily Devotional for Thursday November 17th 2016


Committed to Jesus

Daily Devotional for Thursday November 17th 2016

He that hath my commandments, and keepeth them, he it is that loveth me: and he that loveth me shall be loved of my Father, and I will love him, and will manifest myself to him.  John 14:21

Living for Jesus Christ is not a dread, nor is it a drag.  Even to be called a child of God is such a wonderful honor and privilege.  It is such a treasure to those who truly know Him, that no pleasure in this life can even come close to comparison.  Those with mere religion cannot know the realness of relationship with Jesus, but to those who are truly born again, it is a reality that cannot be ignored.   

The fact that Jesus calls us friends is more than our hearts can handle.  The fact that God calls us sons and daughters is overwhelming to say the least.  Knowing that God loved us enough to send His Son to become a sacrifice for us, and knowing that Jesus Himself loved us enough to follow through with His Father’s plan causes us to throw away all the stops and hindrances and become totally committed and surrendered to Him. 

Jesus asked Simon Peter, James and John to follow Him.  They were not just blind followers of the latest fad that came along.  There was something about this man Jesus!  He had a way of penetrating into the heart and soul of man!  What happened to them on their way to the shore?  The bible says they forsook all, and followed Him.  This is what happens to all who have encountered Jesus without presupposition. 

He is our King!  Jesus should be our greatest desire; our greatest passion in this life!  Our desire should be to know Christ in such a deep way that our lives should be spent chasing Jesus instead of the foolishness of this world.  If we are continually running after greed, fleshly lusts, and forms of wickedness, then it is a sign that we have forgotten the reality of Jesus’ touch on our lives. 

There’s something about the voice of Jesus.  When He speaks, you know.  Your heart burns within you.  When Jesus touches your life at salvation and every time afterward, all you long for is just another time, just another opportunity to be in His presence.    There is no wonder the first disciples laid down their lives for Him.  Once you experience to tender touch and warm embrace of Jesus, you will understand why everything else in this life grows strangely dim in compare.  The love of Christ is so rich and pure that total commitment and surrender is the only response that makes sense.

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